About Us


Pondok Rempah, or translated “House of Spices”, is an Indonesian restaurant based in Melbourne, Australia. Located at the heart of city centre Melbourne, just one step away from Victoria Market. Our restaurant offers a unique authentic Indonesian cuisine experience that was derived from the passions brought by our chefs from all over Indonesia, who combined and created Indonesian-fusion food alive in our restaurant.ery soon!

Since 2016, we’ve provided guests with a fine balance of casual yet elegant Indonesian food that suit both Asian and Australian palates. Filled with a modern yet original Indonesian flavours, our missions are to give the most authentic Indonesian flavors and to promote Indonesian culinary to our guests.


To make sure our goal as the best Indonesian Restaurant in Melbourne is achieved, regular guests and first time diners will always be welcomed here at Pondok Rempah. Experience the friendliness of Indonesian hosts and the strong flavors of Indonesian spices from our wide-ranged skilled chefs.

We are also proud to claim ourselves as the first Indonesian street-food seller in Melbourne.

Enjoy a day for just strolling around Melbourne and buy some light street foods, such as “grilled satay” ordered at our shop’s windows’ panel, or you can do an indoor-lunch and dining and order some of our famous signature dishes such as “Oxtail Soup“ and “Sweet and Sour Fish”. Our innovative menu and strategic location have made us a popular rendezvous for Melbourne’s business community, local residents, visitors and tourists alike.

If you’re planning on joining us soon, why not stop by or book now by click on Contact Us page and experience a vacation to South East Asian in between your hectic days. We look forward to the pleasure of your company very soon!

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